Our Week at the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod

htc-entertainment-llangollen-international-musical-eisteddfod We had a brilliant time at the 67th Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod during the second week in June. We were there with HTC Entertainment, doing walkaround and stage performances for all five days of the Eisteddfod.

The weather was extremely hot and sunny all week, and there was an amazing atmosphere on the Eisteddfod field.

But that’s enough talk, time for the photographs!


jay-gatling-irish-dancers-eisteddfod jay-magic-tardis-llangollen-eisteddfod jay-close-up-magic-llangollen-eisteddfod jay-gatling-llangollen-international-eisteddfod
As you can see, Jay performed close up magic for lots of people, mainly groups of school children. The adults were interested too, and it was very nice to be recognised by some people who had seen us in Seaside Special.

jay-gatling-s4c-stage-llangollen-eisteddfodIt wasn’t all street magic though. We also performed on all the outside stages; the Lawn Stage, the Amphitheatre, and the S4C Stage.

In fact, the only stage we didn’t perform on was the main Eisteddfod stage…

We took our floating table with us and, as always, it got great reactions from the crowd. Jay also performed a classic magic routine, the linking rings, which was very well received.

jay-gatling-magic-table-llangollen-eisteddfodd jay-gatling-llangollen-international-musical-eisteddfod

Of course, we weren’t the only ones from HTC Entertainment at the Eisteddfodd, and the others were very busy performing too:

htc-interntational-eisteddfod-field htc-entertainment-magic-balloons-eisteddfod
roslyn-knives-llangollen-eisteddfod roslyn-straightjacket-escape-llangollen
Roslyn Walker attempted some dangerous blindfold knife juggling over a volunteer. He also completed a straightjacket escape in less than three minutes.

lia-hoop-llangollen-eisteddfod lia-hoop-llangollen

Lia showed off her agility with her hula hoop routines.


kaleigh-unicycle-llangollen-eisteddfod kaleigh-unicycle-llangollen-eisteddfod

Kaleigh showed us why she’s the world unicycle champion.

harley-balance-fire-juggle-llangollen harley-roslyn-s4c-stage-eisteddfod
Harley the Clown did some crazy balancing stunts, as well as juggling knives and making balloon animals.

htc-entertainment-unicycle-fire-juggle lia-fire-hoop-eisteddfod

harley-fire-breathing-eisteddfodIn the evenings, we put on a fire show. Kaleigh unicycled as Roslyn and Harley juggled lit torches around her, and Lia used a flaming hula hoop. The most spectacular part of the fire shows was Harley breathing fire.


htc-entertainment-llangollen-international-eisteddfod The weather was amazingly good, in fact it was perhaps a little too hot at times! We were especially grateful to the outside stages team who looked after us so well for the five days.

The Eisteddfod was a brilliant week, and we all had such a great time. We really hope we’ll be back again next year!

Conwy County Wrestling – Collision Course

conwy-wrestling-collision-courseConwy County Wrestling presents Collision Course, and once again Jay Gatling will be their ring announcer for the evening.

Ajax and Welsh Dragon will face off in a last man standing match.

Also featuring:
– Tony Bond
– Trent Adams
– Big 50
– Bison

Collision Course will take place on the 26th of July at Conwy Civic Hall, Castle Street, Conwy LL32 8AY.

Tickets cost £5 and doors open at 6.30. The show starts at 7pm.


Conwy County Wrestling: Collision Course on Facebook

67th Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod

Llangollen-International-Musical-EisteddfodFrom Tuesday the 9th to Saturday the 14th of July,  Gatling Magic will be in Llangollen for the 67th International Musical Eisteddfod.

We’ll be part of the Street Theatre events – roaming around the Eisteddfod field, showing close up magic and miracles to the crowds. We’ll also be in the Opening Town Parade on Tuesday.

Every day at the Eisteddfod will be different; there’s International Children’s Day on Tuesday, Folk Friday, and Family Day on Saturday. There’s sure to be something for everyone!

We can’t wait to be back working with the rest of HTC Entertainments again, we always have such a fabulous time with them.

The weather forecast for next week looks great, lovely and sunny, so why not come along to Llangollen and enjoy the sunshine!


Conwy County Wrestling

conwy-wrestling-super-8 conwy-county-wrestling-llandudno

We have been working with Jay Gatling for just under a year and he has been one of the finest master of ceremonies i have ever seen.

He has given our wrestling shows an injection of life, fun and professionalism. His crowd interaction is a wonder to behold, a man who talks to a crowd not at them. He has taken a ‘minor’ role, grown it and made it all his own, he is a valued asset to our wrestling shows and wish not to see one without him.

William B Mason
Conwy County Wrestling