Erwyd & Gatling at the North Wales Burlesque & Cabaret Festival

Erwyd & Gatling hosted the Friday night Seren Yn Codi/Rising Star show at the North Wales Burlesque & Cabaret Festival at Theatr Colwyn.

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We’ll be back at next year’s festival on the 26th and 27th of January 2019, with “Erwyd & Gatling Present…

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Mingle for Business Networking

Jay will be joining Mingle for Business at their January meeting in Colwyn Bay Cricket Club, adding a little “magic and sparkle” to the evening.

This informal networking event is a great opportunity to make contacts with other local businesses. From newbies to those who have been in business for longer, it’s always good to meet with like-minded people who can offer support and encouragement.

For more information on the event, take a look at the Mingle for Business blog post or the event on Facebook.

North Wales Burlesque & Cabaret Festival 2018

26th and 27th January at Theatr Colwyn

The 4th North Wales Burlesque & Cabaret Festival kicks off on Friday 26th January 2018 with the final of the Seren Yn Codi / Rising Star. Hosted by comedy magic double act Erwyd & Gatling and their unique brand of sorcery, skills and silliness; the six highest scoring acts from October’s semi-final return to face each other one last time. Also appearing on Friday will be Seedy Frills, Bonnie Boux and Black Veil Tribal.

Saturday is home to a whole host of amazing workshops including Killer Heels, Hairstyling, Don’t Feed the Trolls (dealing with negativity in a digital world), Beginners Burlesque and Dealing with Stage Fright and Anxiety.  The master class is Body Confidence and Burlesque with Fifi Von Tassel.

The Saturday night Voodoo show is hosted by Erwyd and features Ana Kiss, Kitty Von Crypt, Dave Diamond, Foxee Stole, Winnie Pelteez, Fifi Von Tassel, Bonnie Boux, Nula Hula, the Calamity Twins, Kiki Mellek, Scarlet Butterfly, and Victor and the Bully​

“Why Voodoo? The word conjures up a lot of different images in people’s minds. But for us it means the controlling of others using an external force. And in the 21st Century that external force is the media. Newspapers, TV, magazines, social media, radio, blogs, vlogs and even those little stickers people randomly put on bus shelters. They tell us what clothes to wear, what size we should be, what to do with our hair, what car to drive and even who we should and should not be afraid of.

In the words of Alice Cooper: “Your world full of creeps Zombies walk the street 9 to 5 barely alive Have a beer go to sleep And start all over again” The worst part is we believe we’re doing it all out of choice. But if this were true why are we becoming increasingly unhappy? Our mental health is deteriorating. Depression, eating disorders and suicide rates are on the rise. In fact, latest figures show that female suicide rates in the UK are at their highest for a decade. Voodoo is our little way of saying ‘NO!’ to this mass media and ‘YES!’ to friendship, love, fun and support. Top name acts from around the world will be performing to say no to this negativity and fight against the media stereotypes. Join the revolution!”

The festival is for over 18s only.

The full festival ticket includes access to all areas of the festival and can be purchased via the link below:

You can also read the North Wales Pioneer article here

Conwy County Wrestling – Super 8

jay-gatling-wrestling-ring-announcerWith all the excitement of Pirate Weekend, I almost forgot to post pictures of the Super 8 Tournament!

Conwy County Wrestling teamed up with HTC Entertainment & Events for this show, and it was bigger and better than ever before.

The new venue of Bryn Cadno Community Centre in upper Colwyn Bay gave the wrestlers lots of room to wow the audience with their moves.

ccw-and-htc-wrestling-show htc-entertainment-and-events-wrestling conwy-county-wrestling-colwyn-bay ccw-and-htc-wrestling-show
It was a brilliant night as always, and AJ Hughes was the well-deserved winner.

Conwy County Wrestling – Super 8

conwy-county-wrestling-super-8-bryn-cadnoJay will be ring announcer for Conwy County Wrestling in their upcoming Super 8 Tournament.

The show takes place on Saturday 13th of June in Bryn Cadno Community Centre, Upper Colwyn Bay. Tickets cost £4, doors open at 5.30pm and the show starts at 6.oopm