Stage & Parlour Magic

Stage magic is a superb way of engaging your entire audience in a world of pure impossibility; a chance for them to sit back, relax and immerse themselves in a show full of astonishment and wonder, a true escapist’s fantasy.

If you’re putting on a full blown theatre show and are looking for that magic touch, or are hosting a party for friends and family and want a unique performance in your living room; we have just what you need.

Big or small, we have the perfect show to enhance your event. Each performance is perfect for all ages and includes a beautiful variety of tricks and illusions, guaranteed to astound and amaze. From classics of magic such as the linking rings, to the impossibility of the floating table, each trick is brought together with Jay’s classy style and gentle humour. A fun time will be had by all.

“…when magician Jay Gatling leapt on stage … The style of patter was very much of the Derren Brown witty, throwaway style…” Mark Ritchie, UK Cabaret Read more…

Whatever your event, drop us a line and we can work together to create the perfect magical experience for your audience.