Street Entertainment

Street performance is the perfect thing for any festival or outdoor event. It fills in those moments when not much is happening, and keeps the atmosphere upbeat and joyous for those that attend. Both our walk about magic and our street shows are the perfect fit for this kind of event.

Walk about magic is great for keeping attendees entertained as they move about the field, filling in the blank moments where folk are merely wandering, and keeping people interested and happy.

Street shows can be from 15 to 30 minutes long, and are performances that involve crowds of people at a time and provide a surprising form of entertainment that your attendees may not have been expecting, but will thoroughly enjoy.

Whether you want walk-around or a street show, we have exactly what you need. Be it in the guise of a Wizard, Pirate, Victorian gentleman or just as himself, Jay will astound and amaze everyone he meets. Using cards, coins and rings, pushing himself to the limits with his daring comedy escape or Rubik’s challenge; walk around or full show, attendees will leave having had a great time, and will remember it and your event for years to come.

Tonight I saw a great young magician who’s going to go far. His name’s Jay Gatling.” – David Jones MP, Secretary of State for Wales Read more…