Platinum Jubilee Weekend

The four days of the extra long bank holiday weekend were filled to the brim with amazing magical events!

On Thursday, I was in Barmouth for a holiday park show, and I took the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful beach whilst I was there.

Jay Gatling smiles at the camera. He has dark hair, and is wearing a blue denim jacket over a white open-necked shirt. He is standing on a rocky section of shore. Behind him is the beach, and the sea.
A red banner reads "Gatling the Wizard". Next to it is a small table with a bright green paper bag on it. Behind both is a black cloth with lots of little bright lights on it.

Friday it was on to Abersoch for a pool party!

Jay Gatling is standing in front of a crowd of people who are gathered around an outdoor pool. The sun is shining, and there are fluffy white clouds in the sky.

I was at Broughton & Bretton Community Centre on Saturday for their street party.

Two people are holding a purple "selfie-frame" that reads "Celebrating 70 years". The man on the left is wearing a Union Flag waistcoat. Jay Gatling is standing to the right, wearing a bright green tailcoat, a blue waistcoat, and a red cravat.
Jay Gatling standing in front of Broughton and Bretton Community Centre. There are tables in the road, with people sat at them, eating and drinking.
A street party. There are tables laid end to end in the road, with people sat at chairs. Broughton and Bretton Community Centre is in the background.
A poster. The text reads "Broughton and Bretton Community Centre invite you to join us for a street party".

And finally, on the Sunday it was back to Greenwood Family Park for one of my regular family shows.

Jay Gatling, smiles at the camera. He has dark hair, and is wearing a bright green tailcoat, with trousers and a smart waistcoat. Behind him is a banner that reads "Gatling the Wizard".
A covered wooden stage. There are parasols and tables on it, and a banner that reads "Gatling the Wizard". There are puddles of water on the ground in front of the stage, and trails of wet footprints on the stage itself.