New Gatling Magic Website Design

Our old website has been online for almost three years; and in that time Gatling Magic has changed,  evolved, and moved forward an incredible amount.

So we decided that we needed a new website to reflect where Gatling Magic is today, and the direction that we’re now heading in.


As you can see, we’ve kept the red and black colour scheme, although we have slightly tweaked our logo.

The whole site is a lot brighter and more welcoming than the old one; there’s more images of us; and we’ve added a section on the home page to let people know where they can see us perform.

We’re really happy with the new design, and we hope to start adding more content to the site in the coming months.

Click on to see the new design for yourselves


It’s high time we had some new photographs on the website, so this weekend we spent several hours taking new ones. It looks like we got some really good images, but you’ll have to wait just a little bit longer before they go up on the website.

It would be far too cruel to tell you about the photographs and not let you see any, so here’s a sneak preview:

Costro and Eleri with a small guillotine

These are the first photographs of Costro and Eleri, the characters in our new medieval act, Costro’s World of Magicka and Mysticism.

Costro and Eleri with a small guillotine/arm chopper

As you can see, it’s never a good idea to upset your assistant, especially when she has a trick as dangerous as a guillotine!

*no magicians were harmed in the taking of these photographs