Penderyn Distillery First Birthday Celebrations

Jay Gating, a dark haired man, smiles at the camera. Behind him are people in smart clothes looking at a display of whisky.

It was great to be at the Penderyn Distillery in Llandudno to help them celebrate their first birthday. I got to share some magic and learn about whiskey creation and tasting. (Shame I’m teetotal!)

A golden harp is to the left of a cascade of gold and black balloons. To the right is a black sign with gold text that reads "Happy First Birthday Penderyn Distillery Llandudno"

Thanks to the team at Penderyn Llandudno for having me down as part of the celebrations.

Jay Gatling looks at the camera. He is standing in front of a wall display of golden coloured whisky. To the right are green, red, and grey boxes with the Welsh dragon on them.
Smartly dressed people in a room with grey walls. There are displays of whisky botles, and a stand with multiple tiers of cupcakes on it,