GreenWood – Gelli Gyffwrdd – August 2023

We’re having so much fun at GreenWood Family Park this summer! Erwyd the Conwy Jester, Harley the Clown, and myself will be appearing throughout the month at the Forest Theatre.

A wooden, outdoor, stage. A man dressed in a bright green jacket stands on the left, holding a Rubick's Cube. A man wearing glasses and a cap stands on the right, holding three champagne bottles in one hand, and spinning a yellow ball on the other. Behind them is a backdrop with leaves and the GreenWood Forest Park logo.

Come along and enjoy this amazing place, full of activities for the whole family

Shows are at 11.30am, 1pm and 2.30pm in the Forest Theatre, on the following dates:

A list of dates that Jay Gatling will be at Greenwood in 2023. They start on the 3rd of April and run to the 5th of November.
  • Tuesday the 1st
  • Wednesday the 2nd
  • Thursday the 3rd
  • Saturday the 5th
  • Tuesday the 8th
  • Wednesday the 9th
  • Saturday the 12th
  • Sunday the 13th
  • Monday the 14th
  • Wednesday the 16th
  • Thursday the 17th
  • Saturday the 19th
  • Sunday the 20th
  • Wednesday the 23rd
  • Thursday the 24th
  • Sunday the 27th
  • Monday the 28th
  • Tuesday the 29th

You can keep up to date with all the latest GreenWood news on their Facebook page.

GreenWood - Gelli Gyffwrdd