Where Shall I Begin…? – “The Hunter”

The final story in the first season of Where Shall I Begin…? is now live!

Where Shall I Begin...? Presented by Jay Gatling

Today I’m sharing with you one of my own stories from my upcoming anthology set in my own fictional universe known as the Ten Galaxies.

This marks the end of season one of the show. I hope you have enjoyed listening to these tales, and will join me in the future for season two.

“The Hunter” is now live and can be listened to on all major podcast platforms, along with all the other stories read by Jay:

Magical Adventure Tours at Speke Hall National Trust 2018

We’ve been out and about in the grounds at Speke Hall, a National Trust property near Liverpool with some magical walking tours.

So far Jay has been a winter wizard, a Victorian author, an eccentric botanist, and a Victorian gentleman with dreams of becoming a knight; as well as playing the part of Richard Watt in a recreation of his arrival at Speke Hall in 1856.

We’ve had an amazing time with all the people that have joined us on the tours, with each one becoming a unique adventure experience!

Visit Speke Hall’s website for more information on this amazing place.

For more details on our outdoor entertainment, visit our outdoor entertainment page.