Llandudno’s Variety Show

Last week we took part in Llandudno’s Variety Show, the very first event staged by Evoid Events.

Jay took on the role of compère, introducing each act and keeping the audience entertained while the stage was being set.

There were plenty of local acts taking part, including Mad Haven, Hannah Sifleet and the Unknown Dancers.

Our friend Dean Raymond also did a spot, and successfully performed a dangerous magic routine involving a metal spike and five paper bags.


Jay was a fantastic host for our first ever Evoid events variety show, his lively banter and audience interactive tricks in-between acts where brilliant, and worked well with the audience all night, it was a pleasure to have him working with us and would love him to come to our future shows.

Simon Hughes, Evoid Events


You can visit Evoid Events at their Facebook page, and get information on their upcoming shows: www.facebook.com/EvoidEvents