Mold Carnival 2019

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You’ve gotta love the atmosphere at Mold Carnival 2019. Bright costumes parading through the town, people dancing through the street to all sorts of music floating on the air, with everything bringing people together in a feeling of happiness and joy.

We’ve attended Mold Carnival two years running and it is an event that always invokes a joyful emotion. As part of the parade at the start of the event, it’s wonderful to see so many people lining the streets to support it and the town. As you pass the crowds you see so many smiles and excited folk; ready for the day’s festivities.

In past years the carnival has taken over a large chunk of Mold, filling the high street with colourful and exciting fun fair rides and games, their main stage providing a great variety of local and celebrity entertainment. Whilst even more happens down on Kendricks Field, with the mascot race, lots of local and charity stalls and even more entertainment to keep you engaged and enjoying your day out in the sun.

This year’s event

In just a couple of weeks time they’re going to be doing it all again, as Mold Carnival 2019 returns on Sunday July 7th. The location has changed ever so slightly, now being entirely on Kendricks Field and The Rec, but the atmosphere will still be as awesome as ever, with plenty to see, do and engage with.

Of course Jay will be there too; with three shows over the course of the day, and mix and mingle close-up magic between times. This year he also plans to add a little juggling to his part in the parade, so keep an eye out for the juggling wizard. Now there’s a sentence you never thought you’d read today!

Jay’s shows will be at 11.45am and 2.30pm on the community stage on The Rec and at 1pm on the main stage on Kendricks Field itself.

Mold Carnival is always a pleasure to be a part of and entertain at, and we’re glad to have been invited back for another year of carnival fun. We hope to see you there. Be sure to come by, say hi, and share in some carnival magic at Mold Carnival 2019!

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What you need to know about Mold Carnival 2019

Mold Carnival takes place on Sunday the 7th of July, and starts at 10.30am. For more details visit the event page on Facebook.

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You can also view the official Mold Carnival website here.

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“We hired Jay to perform at Broughton and Bretton Carnival 2019. He was brilliant 🙂 Amazing feedback from many of the carnival attendees. Great value for money and a fabulous addition to our parade and carnival. We have booked Gatling Magic again for a future event. Thanks Jay”

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Broughton & Bretton Carnival 2019

On Saturday the 8th of June it will be time to break out the Wizard robes once again and bring our unique magic to another North Wales event. You’ll find us at the Broughton & Bretton Carnival 2019, hosted at the Broughton and Bretton Community Centre, from 12pm until 5pm.

Broughton & Bretton Carnival 2019

We love taking part in these local community events, they are always well attended and help bring the community together with lots of fun activities for the whole family, and of course plenty of entertainment.

No carnival would be complete without an opening parade, and Broughton Carnival kicks off in just such a way. Jay has been asked to lead the parade this year. So keep an eye out for the Wizard of Conwy playing the pied-piper as he leads costumed folk, floats and bands galore, as they make their presence known and get the town hyped for the day’s event.

Throughout the day Jay will be about the carnival field entertaining one and all. He’s scheduled to perform his Wizard show on the field three times over the course of the day, so watch out as the crowds begin to gather for some wizard styled madness and fun. He will be sharing with all some of his favourite magical effects and challenging himself in unique ways for the enjoyment of all there gathered. Magic, juggling and impossible puzzles are all part of this enjoyable show.

Jay always likes to keep himself busy through an event, so between shows he’ll be engaging with attendees with some smaller tricks and effects as well. There’s nothing more astonishing than magic that happens right in your hands or inches from your face.

So if you’re attending the event, watch out for the green and blue robes across the field, and be sure to come by and say hi! We’d love to meet you there.

Details of the event can be found on the Facebook page, and on the Broughton & Bretton Carnival 2019 event page.

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Mold Carnival 2018

Jay will be  at Mold Carnival on Sunday the 8th of July.

The event starts with a parade at 10.30am and carries on all the way to 6pm.

There are lots of things going on during the day, check out this article in the Leader for more information.

To keep up to date with the latest news on the Carnival, visit their website or find them on Facebook:

For more details on our outdoor entertainment, visit our outdoor entertainment page.