Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza 2012

We’ve just had confirmation that we will be performing at this year’s Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza, so now seems a good time to take a look back at the last few years that we’ve been involved with the event.

For those of you that don’t know, every year since 1986, Llandudno has held a three day festival of Victorian delights. Held in the centre of Llandudno, the streets are taken over by entertainers, stalls, rides and costumed characters. Victorian ladies and gentlemen promenade along the seafront; clowns, living statues and jugglers entertain crowds in the streets. And there’s even the occasional Dalek or Stormtrooper to be seen!

Despite living in North Wales all my life, and having a liking for history, 2007 was the first time that I had ever been to the Extravaganza. Jay and I went along, and had a great time, and at some point in the day the conversation turned to “wouldn’t it be great if we could perform here one day”.

Little did we think that the very next year, that was exactly what we would be doing! We had two tables, and a spot on Mostyn Street, and spent three days doing close up magic. It was great fun, but exhausting. We learned the hard way that even though the wind is freezing, you can still get sunburned!

In 2009 we were back with close up magic again, this time on the junction with Lloyd Street. We were right next to the parade route, which meant that we had a great view of all the performers, as well as the vintage cars and steam engines as they went past.

2010 saw us doing our first stage shows at the Extravaganza, at the Fountains Stage. The weather made things a little bit more complicated than we had anticipated, as the wind kept blowing away our props! We adapted and altered routines as we went along. We’re both huge geeks, and couldn’t resist the chance to have our photos taken outside the TARDIS. And yes, we did bring our own sonic screwdriver along especially for the photos. It was rather an interesting three days, as I had just had my appendix out, and I wasn’t feeling very well – which is why I look so pale!

We were back again in 2011, this time on the SeaView Stage on the Promenade. We were fully prepared with windproof tricks, which worked far better than the previous year. No photos though, as we were far too busy to take any!

This year we are returning to performing on the streets. Although the stage shows are fun, with an event like the Victorian Extravaganza it’s all about the hundreds of people on the streets, and interacting with them personally. A lot of people have never seen a magician live, let alone one performing right in front of their eyes, and it’s great to be able to give someone that moment of wonder.

We’re really looking forward to this year’s event and hope to see you there.


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